Turkmenistan is cooperating with the UN in the field of ecology
ECO-IEST: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, the president of Turkmenistan has put forward a number of resolutions related to the environment's improvement. These resolutions include the opening of a regional center in Ashgabat for technologies related to climate change in Central Asia.

The project about Turkmenistan’s sustainable urban development and integrated development of green cities in Ashgabat and in Avaza was also signed between the Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of Turkmenistan and the UNDP. This project is being implemented according to the Work Plan for 2020.

The goal of this project is to widely use green technologies in construction, promote ecotourism, as well as waste management and use of recyclable materials.

This project ensures the safety and environmental sustainability of Turkmenistan's populated areas.

Turkmenistan is one of the UN members that has adopted a national climate change strategy. It provides for a systematic transition of production activities to environmental safety parameters.

The president of Turkmenistan approved this strategy in 2020. Due to this approval, the country has started planning and responding to climate impacts.

Source: Azer News